Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"I want to be adopted."-Ke'vontre

Meet Ke'vontre!

This eight-year-old boy will steal your heart from the moment you meet him.

I must admit: I was already quite familiar with Ke'vontre before meeting him at a local park.  I skim through the Department of Children & Family Services link every week that lists some of the foster kids available for adoption through the state.  This link, though, does not share all of the children, just the ones that are in the category of "hard to place."

Age can land them there.  Race can land them there.  Health problems can land them there.  Sibling sets can land them there.

Ke'vontre was originally part of a sibling set...but nothing happened.  Then he watched his baby brother get placed into a home.  Next, his six-year-old sister got the good news that she had been placed in another home.

But not Ke'vontre.

He has been moved around into different foster homes.  For now, he is in the care of a sweet 79-year-old woman named Ms. Easter.  She has three other foster children in her home and said, "Honey, if I can handle four, a family can definitely handle one."

I spent a couple of hours with Ke'vontre.  We played basketball.  He taught me his trick dribbling move.  He told me he dreams about playing on a team one day.

Then we sat on a couple of swings and got to talking about his life.  I asked him if he cared what his potential parents look like.  His response was raw, "I don't care what they look like.  I don't care if they're nice or mean.  I want to be adopted."

Ke'vontre's age and race will continue to classify him as hard to place.  His adoption fees through the state are minimal.  It would likely cost under $500 for everything to be completed and Ke'vontre will likely qualify for a monthly stipend to help in his placement.

Please consider making Ke'vontre a part of your new family tree.  He is legally ready to be adopted.

To learn more about adopting Ke'vontre or one of the other 350 children in state care, call the Department of Children & Family Services: 337-491-2470 or 1-800-814-1584.

Check out Ke'vontre's profile story that aired on KPLC-TV.


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